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Kathy Konkle's illustrations have been featured in books, advertising, educational games and numerous web sites. If you can’t find everything you need in stock illustration or are not sure what you want, Kathy will work with you to help you visualize your needs. A very perceptive artist, she can take your directions and bring your project to life. No job is too small and discounts are available for larger jobs. Please email for rate quotes and a job estimate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do people use the illustrations that they buy? Clients include book publishers, web sites and blogs, brochures, posters and advertisements. Select an image to the right to see some real-world examples of how customers used Kathy’s illustrations.

Who owns the rights to the illustrations? The illustrations may be done as “work for hire” meaning that the client owns all rights to the art. If you don't require all rights to the art the price will be lower.

How much do the illustrations cost? Kathy tries her best to make every illustration affordable for the customer. She uses a sliding scale to bill for projects based on the type of project. For example, an educational project may be billed at at a lower rate than a corporate project. Discounts are available when the client orders more than two or three illustrations at the same time. Contact Kathy for a free estimate.

What file format are the illustrations? Most of the illustrations are vector art done in Adobe Illustrator. The files are saved as eps format and saved down to illustrator 8 file format in order to be compatible with most vector drawing programs such as Corel Draw.

What's a vector illustration? There are two very different types of graphics: vector and bitmap graphics. Bitmaps are made up a series of pixels in a grid and cannot be resized without losing quality. Vector Illustration software allows you to create drawings using lines and curves which can be easily edited by moving points, adjusting curves, and changing the colors of various objects. Vector illustrations, because they consist of points and objects rather than pixels, are resolution free. Unlike bitmapped images, they will always print at the highest resolution, giving you smooth fills and crisp lines no matter what size you print it.

What software do I need to edit the illustrations? The illustrations can be opened in Photoshop but you will need a vector drawing program to edit them. The illustrations can be edited in Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Macromedia FreeHand, Deneba Canvas or other compatible vector drawing program.

What color space do the illustrations use? The illustrations are RGB but they can be changed to CMYK. You may see a slight shift in color when the illustration is converted from RGB to CMYK. RGB files tend to be brighter and are suitable for the web, video and many printers such as ink jet printers. CMYK is most often used for printing.

What size are the illustrations? The illustrations are resolution independent and are scalable without losing quality using a vector illustration program such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW.


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"Kathy Konkle is one of the most flexible graphic artists our company works with. She is able to create cogent and precise art in a wide variety of styles which both makes the idea clear and which caress the eye." Judson Rosebush - Director of Judson Rosebush Studios, New York, NY

"Kathy is a versatile and innovative professional. We have been working with each other for fifteen plus years. In that time she has done illutrations for children, museums, magazines, and more. She also done technical drawings, logos, packages, photo-retouching and interactives. She is a professional in every sense of the word, thorough, timely, and responsive." Richard Shen - President, RYSing Media, Long Island, NY

"I have worked with Kathy Konkle on several projects and have found her to be creative, flexible and very knowledgeable about a surprising variety of media from traditional to electronic. She communicates well and is rock solid dependable in meeting reasonable deadlines and budgets. It is always a pleasure to work with Kathy, who seems to bring an inspired personal touch to each assignment. Highly recommended. If you like what you see in her work, you can't go wrong." Daniel Soergel - Industrial Designer, Soergel Design Associates, Brooklyn, NY

"Kathy makes sure she thoroughly understands your request before starting the job and produces exactly what you asked for the first time around. There was very little rework that ever had to be done unless it was a change on our side, which she graciously took in stride." Jeff Brooks - Senior software engineer, Washington, DC

"Kathy is without a doubt one of the most skilled, reliable, and efficient illustrators I’ve ever had the good fortune to work with. What is especially pleasing about working with Kathy, in addition to her exceptional versatility and virtuosity, is her pleasant nature. She really wants to please—and does, and works as hard as any artist I’ve seen to meet your expectations." Alice Bailey - Alice Bailey Designs, Santa Fe, NM

"Kathy has always delivered terrific illustrations and graphic designs for our store promotions. I especially love her illustration of a fairy on toadstool which we use on our advertisements and business cards." Anne Fox - Fashionette, Washington, DC

Kathy Konkle: Illustration

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