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Kathy offers a great selection of low cost precision vector illustrations for your design projects for sale exclusively at Its easy to create a consistent look and feel with a choice of over 1,600 editable vector images in EPS file format you can resize with no loss in quality. The illustrations are royalty free so use them multiple times for one low flat fee. If you can’t find what you need in the royalty free collection, she does custom illustration at reasonable rates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do people use the artwork? Kathys stock illustrations can be used with few usage
restrictions for many projects including annual reports, brochures, newsletters, magazines,
newspapers, books and web sites, etc. Royalty Free Illustration usage allows for an image
to be used multiple times and for numerous projects for one low flat fee.

Why buy royalty free Art? Good clip art is a bargain. Royalty Free Stock illustration
helps creative professionals visually communicate a concept without having to sacrifice
quality or time while staying on budget. Stock illustration is sold in into two main categories: royalty free and rights managed. The decision to purchase royalty free or rights managed depends on the buyer’s requirements. Royalty free illustration usage allows for an image to be used multiple times and for numerous projects for one low flat fee. Rights managed illustration may be preferable for those who are opting for more exclusivity of image use.

Where can I buy Kathy’s stock illustrations? Kathy's stock illustrations are available exclusively at You can, however, hire kathy for custom illustration work at reasonable rates. For custom illustration contact Kathy at

How much does an illustration cost? Kathy’s stock illustrations cost approximately $10 to $30 dollars each depending on the complexity of the file.

What file format are the illustrations? The files are save as Illustrator 8 EPS and are compatible with most vector drawing programs such as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW or Freehand. A large jpg of the image is included with each download.

What's a vector illustration? There are two very different types of graphics: vector and bitmap graphics. Bitmaps are made up a series of pixels in a grid and cannot be resized without losing quality. Vector Illustration software allows you to create drawings using lines and curves which can be easily edited by moving points, adjusting curves, and changing the colors of various objects. Vector illustrations, because they consist of points and objects rather than pixels are resolution free. Unlike bitmapped images, they will always print at the highest resolution, giving you smooth fills and crisp lines no matter what size you print it.

What software do I need to edit the illustrations? You can edit the illustrations using Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW,  Macromedia FreeHand, Deneba Canvas or other compatible vector drawing program.

What color space do the illustrations use? The illustrations are created in RGB but the artwork can be changed to CMYK. There may be a slight color shift when RGB illustrations are changed to CMYK.

What size are the illustrations? The illustrations are resolution independent and are scalable without losing quality using a vector illustration program such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW.

How often do you add new art to the site? New images are added weekly.

Do you do custom illustration? Yes, please contact Kathy at for a rate quote and job estimate. Kathy offers discounts for large jobs. No job is too small! Kathy is happy to do just one icon for you if that's all you need.


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“Kathy's work is incredible, her files are always clean and streamlined and ready to be put to use in any way! Thanks for raising the quality bar on istock!”  Jen Bortonia - Illustration Director at istockphoto, Calgary, Ontario

"Kathy Konkle is an amazing illustrator. 49,000 iStockphoto's customers can't be wrong!  The numbers speak for themselves. She makes art that people want." Karl Kotas - Digital content developer/multi-media artist, New York, NY

“I have used many stock illustrations of Kathy's over the years. We started with my business card that gets comments even after 20 years.” Canary Burton - Seabird Studios, Cape Cod, Mass

“Kathy does amazing work. We frequently use her stock illustrations for our video production company projects. She has so many icons online that these is always something that suits our needs” Andrew Novik - Andytechi, Brooklyn, NY


Kathy Konkle: Royalty Free Stock

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